Photos from the first epoxyspace show! Thanks to all our friends who helped us pull this off, we couldn’t have done it without you <3 <3 <3

Statement : “Founders Annie Cox, Erin Hart, Katie Magruder and Sarah Valdez will present their first installation in their new gallery and performance space EPOXY. In Haptics, EPOXY creators collaboratively display five nail sets that involve the five senses common to human nature with a sixth sense unifying the concept. Annie Cox and Sarah Valdez will illustrate with wall design along with an avant-garde window shopping atheistic for each nail station. Erin Hart, founder of Nail Pop LLC, uses plaster hand forms to display sets of nails made out of acrylic and gel sculpture, materials used to build nail enamel. Haptics, invites viewers to use their five senses with each nail situation extending their interaction and consumption. Throughout the opening reception Katie Magruder will be performing an interactive game with any participant. Through the symbolic nature of wearing nails that interact with the human senses, EPOXY manifests a nonverbal language with orientation, desire and play.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of nails or a hand from the show, they’re in the nail pop llc shop!

  1. Touch- Braille nails with flocking powder
  2. Taste- Rock candy grown on nails (they took a week to grow!)
  3. Sight- Ssssssnailssssss made with gel
  4. Smell- Dragon Thurible sculped with metal and acrylic
  5. Sound- Whistle orbs made from blown gel, acrylic, wind chimes, and bells

Bio : “Erin Hart was born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Elkview, WV. She studied aesthetics at AVEDA and received her license as a full specialist in 2006. Erin, the founder of Nail Pop LLC, is a published nail artist and writer, recently having her nails featured on the cover of Tipsy magazine. Katie Magruder born in St. Louis Missouri. Attended University of Tampa where she studied performing Arts and achieved a BA in Government and World Affairs. Katie helped coordinate noise performance fashion show, Gilded Rag, in Tampa, FL and also performs as Fishwife in local underground performance spaces. Annie Cox was born and raised in Tampa, FL. Studied at HCC and received a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Tampa. Annie currently designs for Touch Design Studio and is an advocate for bringing together the community within Seminole Heights, Tampa, FL. Sarah Viviana Valdez is a Kansas born artist who lives and works in Tampa, Florida. Graduated with class of 2010 from Ringling School of Art and Design Fine Art department and participated in New York Studio Program Residency Spring of 2009. She recently had a solo exhibition with interactive pieces called, Where Current Can Flow, installed at Gallery 621 located in Tallahassee, FL.”

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